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Dividing his time between Columbia and St. Louis doesn't make Joe Stickley any less our native son. His album, Friendship's Quiet, arrived in 2003 as quietly as its name suggested it might, but it made faithful followers of those lucky enough to nab a copy at a live show or online. Stickley writes simple songs about simple things he loves: his wife, his state, his home. Sometimes the best things are also the least complicated, and Stickley proves this by merging the singer-songwriter influences of James Taylor or John Prine with the more modern pop sphere occupied by the likes of Joseph Arthur and Pete Yorn. He plays a few acoustic shows each year but is just as often backed by a full band, which adds layers of acoustic richness to his songs without complicating them or weighing them down. It is a testament to the quality of his songwriting, which is as close to flawless as a young, unknown Missourian is likely to get.

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Doing the Math with Joe Stickley: Songwriting, Collaboration and His New Solo EP Wasn't It Pretty?


Joe Stickley has been around. Married with two daughters, the math teacher by profession and songwriter and singer by vocation has, with each new project and clutch of songs, patiently developed into one of the more underrated of the not-quite elder statesmen of folk/rock/Americana music in St. Louis. Read more...

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Meet the 2011 Riverfront Times Music Award nominees


Though nominated in the Best Solo Artist (Male) category, Joe Stickley regularly performs as part of a duo with multi-instrumentalist Sean Canan. As the leader of that duo and of Americana outfit Joe Stickley's Blueprint, the St. Louis veteran puts his wry, wiry tenor and graceful touch with a melody to engaging purpose. With Canan, Stickley has been holding down a Sunday residency at McGurk's where the Celtic side to his songs and sound are given free rein. The duo's 2010 release, Loaded to the Gunwhales, presaged that turn toward Irish balladry and anthems. But Stickley's wise, singer-songwriter soul always shines through, no matter what musical geography he explores. (RK)


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